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Silence Becomes Cowardice When Occasion Demands Speaking Out The Whole

Because I’ve Tried Neither Would A Million Tears - Letting Go Quotes

Dont Quit When Things Go Wrong As They Sometimes Will - Sympathy Quote

Single Mother Has Backbone Made Of A Steel And A Heart Made Of Gold

Lion Love! | Cute Pictures and Videos

Animal Testing Animals Testing On Humans

Proud owner of a loving , caring , overly happy , hyper , trusting

In Loving Memory Those We Love Don’t Go Aways

SO SAD!!! I have a pittbull and she is the NICEST dog ever! She is so

My Plainness Of Speech Makes Them Hate Me And What Is Their Hatred But

Why Try To Explain Miracles To Your Kids When You Can Just Have Them

People Its Important To Love Yourself Before Loving Anyone Else

Stop animal abuse More

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