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Dont Settle For Second Best | Peace,Love,Happiness

Wardrobe, A Ring, and A Wand: 12 Days of Christmas

Game of Thrones Quote Painting, Canvas, There Is No Cure For Being A

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Kevin Durant Says He Is Done With Being nd

Quotes + Thoughts | On being yourself | IDEAS INSPIRING INNOVATION

Quotes and Sayings: When someone treats you like an option

Yup, Im tired of being the second choice or the until something

if you love two people at the same time, choose the second. because if

DONE BEING SECOND BEST! : Motivated.us your motivation daily.

the bounceback. I’m the second choice. – Quotes Lover More


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Quotes and Sayings: ?Silence doesnt always mean yes

Never accept to be anyones second choice. You deserve more. ~ God is

- Were off to our second best start in history at 10-1. Our best

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You can never make the same mistake twice because the second time you

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Being Second Choice

In Human Life Are Important; The First Is To Be Kind. The Second

Second Chance - Positive Quote

Hard to do. -Mark Twain Quote ity Quote | Quotes | Pinterest

Never be an optionor second best. Omg I love this

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