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are you book smart or street smart BE HONEST!!!!!

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, Why Arent There More Happy People?: Smart Quotes for Dumb Times

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Shes got street smartsdirt roads. More

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It’s equally important to have a good understanding of your own

the people you love. Dont be surly at home, then go out in the street

Stop trying to be smart and focus on not being stupid. - PandaWhale

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these ol timer s complaining how it used to be

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value of people. Ive had to be street-smart since I was a little kid

Welcome | Velocitys Blog: Can a teacher call a student stupid?

smart and street smart (adapted from ‘Book smart vs. Street Smart

Being street smart comes from experience. If you want to be street

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How We Raise Credit Scores

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being hilariously bad at something than were ever made through being

your Small Creative Business | Sycamore Street Press - must read later

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