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Bear Grills and SA. | Daily Fail Compilation

8a. What genre of music does she like? She likes hip hop the most

Austin Powers quotes | movie quotes

Rosa Rubicondior: What Has Marriage Got To Do With Religion?

Iconic title shot from syndicated edition of series.

We, as women, should empower each other. | Fitness & Nutrition (^o

Sanskrit in modern Indian and other Brahmi scripts: May Śiva bless

Island of Competence - a Strength-based model

cartoons that capture science + science culture | biocreativity

am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart .” Vincent

Earlier this week , an anonymous public defender sent Gothamist this

Inspired By eRecipeCards: Deviled Egg PASTA Salad - Church PotLuck

Workplace Fairness - Short-Changed || health & safety

So apparently scientists in Australia have found a link between

Funny chinchilla Photos | Funny Animals

Social Studies / Department Homepage

Funny Ecards - Making me cry - Funny Memes

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Media Ethics and Society: Bias at the heart of journalism