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Taking Care of Me Quotes

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Willie, you told me to take care of you. So Im taking care of you

Taking Care Of Me Quotes

took care of me for 18 years. Its time for me to take care of her

better take care of me Lord, if you dont youre gonna have me on your

some stuff I needed to take care of here. They said it was OK for me

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life i ve taken care of everyone else now it s time to take care of me

Take Care of Me Quotes

forget to take care of Angie being so busy taking care of everyone

If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of me

will take care of me

Get me a home and a good-paying job, take care of my family.

me and tries to convince me that he is not a thief, then I take care

being there, especially yesterday. Thank you for taking care of me


don 39 t want someone else to take care of me and be a burden

ll Take Care of ME for YOU if You Take Care of YOU for ME - Jim Rohn


Pam Killingsworth - Theyre still taking wonderful care of me.

It feels good to hear someone say, “Take care.” But it feels so

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can always take care of myself. But still, I want to meet someone

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