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opinions means that the value of any particular opinion is

GOD bless America and you.

(1459-1507), who, in so far as we have knowledge, constructed one

Freedom isnt free

Mountain of Evidence

We dont see things as they are, we see them as we are.

Ted Cruz Releases Birth Certificate, Is Eligible to Run for President

Formal portrait of the Duke of Somerset. He has a long thin face with

The Number One Reason You Were Unfriended On Facebook - Business

if we are going to stop wars on this earth we are going to have to

In Flight (Challenge 3 Bright Ideas Class) by danielle1975 at Studio

Privacy was the number one issue. We now have individual registration

Child Supremacist Muhammad Osama

The following article is written by our CEO

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The number one thing for this basketball team is that we got here. Our

Singing with local schoolchildren at the 2008 Clearwater Festival.

Miniature portrait of the Earl of Warwick, richly dressed in a slashed

One mans ways may be as good as anothers, but we all like our own